Bren & Souldelica

There are times when you can use a night out, but don't desire the loud, party atmosphere. Bren & Souldelica are happy to satisfy, performing memorable and enjoyable Classic/New-Soul Funk and R&B hits with a soulful, laid-back approach for your live music enjoyment.



"I wanted to create something that's in tune with peace, love and soul. More relaxing and unique, offering an eclectic selection of soulful memorable songs. "My Souldelica". This band is perfect to create a sophisticated atmosphere and easily allow you to un-wind musically."

Bren, lead vocalist, called on gifted musicians, Akos Forgacs (bass), Masataka Yamamoto (keys) JD Black (guitar) and Byron Pickett (drums) to be the core of the band. Souldelica can adapt to an event/venue's requirements by adding scaling members up or down., for a more intimate approach or full-scale band. Souldeica can perform as a quieter 3 piece with just bass, keys and vocals. Perfect for sophisticated venues, hotel lounges and martini bars. Or they can ramp it up for a party atmosphere and have you dancing the night away! For what ever your needs, Souldelica aims to please.


Bren & Souldelica...soothes the soul.

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