• Souldelica has a new show coming up 1/22, 2016 at Slade's Bar & Grill, 958 Tremont St., Boston, MA. We have a new line up of oustanding musicians! Two new members, Wain Jonze (guitar)  and Osi Braithwaite (drums). Joining us will be Feri from Mo Bounce and Masataka on keys. These boys are bad musicians. So if you are reading this, come out and join us as we have a new collection of hit grooves from past to present. Did I forget to mention some of the best Soul Food is to be had here in Boston and it's FREE before 8 PM!


• Souldelica is ramping back up and open for booking again! Click the contact button for booking dates.


10/14 - Souldelica is under revamp.

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